Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Francisco

Recently I went to San Francisco for the week for spring break. I went with my friends Kaho, Celia and Casey. Kaho served his misson there and Celia has an aunt who lives there. We were able to stay at a great place and have a nice car to drive all week. We had a great time. Here are some of things we were able to do while there! We were able to go to the Pier, Girahdelli Square, Alquatraz, Muir Woods, The Golden Gate Bridge, Twin peaks, Stanford University, Ride the trolley, ate a ton! One of my favorite places we ate was at the Elephant Bar cause it was right on the bay and the food was great. We were able to go to a karaoke bar one night and that was so much fun..I love Karaoke. We were able to hang out with the young single adult ward. They treated us so well and took us to some great places. It was one of the best vacations because we were able to see so much. I saw lots of great things while there. San Francisco has just about everything to do..Oh and one of my favorite things was going to the beach at four in the morning the day I was to fly out..beautiful. We also had the opportunity to go to the Oakland Temple it was so pretty. I love San Francisco!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Big 24!

On February 12, 1985 I was brought into this wonderful world. I am really grateful to be able to have been able to come here to my two wonderful parents Mike and Gwen Shaw. They are the best! This year I celebrated my birthday a little bit differently. I was able to go to Wyoming for the weekend and tend 4 beautiful girls! It was like a girls day for the whole weekend it was really fun. I was able to spend a little bit of time with my cousins Tanya, Wade, Avery, Weston, and baby Drew. They are such a cute family. The girls and I made cookies and played dress up and lots of games. Avery came with us one day to the recreational center where we they played and played forever with the big blocks. It was a lot of fun. The night before my birthday some of my friends surprised me and took me out to one of my favorite restaurants-Cafe Sabor it was great! I have some really great people in my life and I'm so lucky! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and for making it a great day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Fun

As you all know I really am the worst blogger but I just had one of the funnest weekends. My companion from Australia flew in on Thursday for a couple of days before she went onto Colorado to get married. I decided to show her and her sister a good time. On Thursday night we went Country dancing-pretty much my favorite thing to do! I love it so much that I go every week. They wanted to come and watch but not really dance. We were off...well it was a lot of fun and they said they enjoyed it. I met up with some of my friends there and we all had a good time. On friday night some of my friends were going to Keys on Main. Well it's a famous place in salt lake. Here is where two guys play on dueling pianos it's amazing. We got there and waited for a bit for some people to show up and the night just got crazy from there! We had a good time singing and dancing and just livin it up. After we left, we got this homeless lady to take our picture, well she decided to follow us and thought she was going to get a ride. Well we tried to lose her but it didn't work out we finally told her that we had no room in our car and she turned away and started walking back well the next thing I know she is running back to my friend Trent and asking him if she could have some money because she's pregnant and 21. Well believe me she was not 21 nor did she look pregnant. She was in her 50's at least! Anyway we hurried off to Denny's and got a table well let me just say that it was pretty crazy there. It was about 8 blocks from where we had left the lady and guess who all of a sudden comes in the door..yep the crazy homeless lady. She starts yelling at us for no reason and then heads out the door. I have never seen so many "different" people in Denny's at one time it was so packed it was the craziest night and so now my australian friends have a different view of Utah! It was a fun filled weekend. We even found my companion a wedding dress so it was perfect.